The cycle┤s water in Santa Coloma

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The water a scarce resource in Santa Coloma

  • The River Park - Bes˛s

Water is an indispensable resource for the development of society where we live, proof of this is that since ancient times many cities, like Santa Coloma were established along rivers to harness their resources.

The water is on our planet is the same that had 2000 years ago, when it was inhabited by only 3% of the population that there is now. In other words, we now have the same amount of water but with much greater population.

Water is therefore in our time, a scarce and limited, so we must make a rational and sustainable use of the same.

Water follows a closed-cycle, from our homes this water will return to nature for a return to be available again for arriving at our house. That is why what is needed to cure the quality of these waters for as long as preserving the environment where just ending, in the case of Santa Coloma, the Mediterranean Sea.

The Water cycle in Santa Caloma

The water reaches our taps comes from the Rio Ter and has been recorded in their reservoirs Sau and Susqueda. This water is treated in the purifying of Cardedeu apt for the consuption. The water is subject to quality checks undertaken by the supplier, AGBAR, through regular and comprehensive analysis on 17 points systematic sampling of the distribution network. Part of the water used by the ditch and cleaning of streets in Santa Coloma come from groundwater. These do not require water quality levels as high as water for drinking, and therefore making use of water reserves of our aquifers, we contribute to sustainable consumption of the goods increasingly scarce. The sewage treatment plant are driven to the Bes˛s where it receives a series of treatments to be empties into the sea without generating an environmental impact.

The River Park - Bes˛s
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