Waste management

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Reducing waste generation and management improvement

For more sustainable consumption and improvement in waste management

The growing economic development of modern societies and the increased  purchasing power, as a result of this, are having a very significant  increase in waste generation of all kinds, mainly from industrial and domestic origin. This extraordinary increase in generating waste is related mainly to a current behavior of unsustainable consumption and a
lack of awareness by a part of society regarding this aspect.

Generating waste brings related unsustainable consumption of natural resources, many of them are not renewable on short-term. A few years ago a high percentage of waste generated in households were reused by many kind of uses.

Currently we find ourselves in a society of consumption, which is based in many cases in using and throwing away. While the main objective should be to reduce the quantity of waste generation, the waste of our daily activities (homes, offices, markets, industries, hospitals, etc.) should be collected, processed and properly disposed.

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