Air Pollution

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  • Santa Coloma aire

The improvement of air quality for a better quality of life

The presence of pollutants in the air can harm people's health, affect the environment and ultimately reduce the quality of life. Therefore, knowing the state of air quality in different parts of the territory, its evolution over time and its variation depending on weather conditions is one of the main objectives in our town. Thus, we can inform citizens and take preventive measures and sanitation more suitable for protecting and improving air quality.

Air pollution is a process that begins with emissions into the air by the various pockets emitting pollutants into the atmosphere. Transit is the main source of air pollution in Santa Coloma, but also domestic emissions are a increasingly significant source of pollutants.

Once contaminants are in the atmosphere suffer different effects of transportation and/or transformation. As a result of these processes at a particular point there is a certain concentration of each pollutant, known as emissión level.

There are emissión or levels of air quality that determine the effect of a pollutant on health or the environment.

To minimize air pollution is necessary, a portion control atmospheric emissions (emission levels), and moreover, control and surveillance of the presence of pollutants in the air at different points receivers (levels emissión ).

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