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The Marina's mountain range

  • Imatges de la serralada de Marina

Protecting and improving the Sierra Marina

A special protection plan was approved in Cordillera of Marina. The Plan sets out the scope of protection of the Cordillera Marine Park, its zoning and the definition of uses. This plan is managed by the Consortium of the Cordillera de Santa Coloma Marina and as a member have an active participation in decision.
Since our city's activities are carried to term by promoting sustainable use of the park, which include: 

  • Campaigns education and environmental awareness.
  • Maintenance of the park.
  • Work reforestation.
  • Campaigns to prevent and control fires.

Was also defined in accordance with citizens' organisations, a wider area of protection that includes spaces as the torrent of can Calvet, the land of the Aldamio and Torribera. These spaces of transition between the mountains and the city are managed under parameters and criteria specified in the Agenda for Restoration of peri-urban areas of the municipality.

12-year restoration program peri-urban areas

A program for the employment of  persons at risk of social exclusion and improving the natural enviroment.

The Year 1994 Service Environment of the municipality of Santa Coloma de Gramenet has guided the restoration program peri-urban areas to look for solutions to varius environmental and social problems solutions of the city, such as the high rate of unemployment and low professionalization among young people, the existence of a zone peri degraded and lack of green spaces and recreational areas.
The programme is a priority and order the recovery of the mountain situated closer to the urban area of the municipality by involving people in the process of social integration, such as schools or drawing workshop-building occupation.

The design of new areas is done with the premise that there must be integrated landscape areas in their environment, using natural materials such as wood and stone, sustainable creation and maintenance, through a careful design of spaces and use native species with low water consumption.
The involvement of neighbors in the rush of decisions, both in the design of the objectives and priorities of the Programme of Restoration peri-urban areas and in the final characteristics of different areas to recover is undoubtedly one of the characteristics of that programme ensures the success of actions to be carried out. The evolution of the programme and the creation of the Cordillera of Marina park in 2002 opened the door to a new framework for action in the new objectives that joined the Programme: strengthening the infrastructure of the park: viewpoints, and Berane sources , Signaling pathways, creating educational tours and itineraries and creating new equipment themselves.

Since this program has managed to improve the transition between the mountains and the city  reforested lands degraded coming to the city, preserving and improving the inhabited areas, progress has been made in preventing forest fires. A youth advisory committee has been formed by the municipality and actions are taken in the area of environmental education and creation of  platforms for participation of associative fabric of the city and neighbours. Among the acctions that are taking place now is abd modification of varius power lines and the creation of a center of interpretation of Environment to serve as a benchmark within the cordillera of Marina park. 
Here are some numbers result of 13 years of implementation of Agenda: 

10000 tonnes of waste removed from the forest areal
23 new free spaces 
An investment of 4.500.000 euros for creating a crow of  spaces for public use.
Reduction by 95% in the number of uncontrolled landfills in the forest area.
Approximatly  60% employability of  students workers.

 More than 130.000 trees and 40.000 shurbs planted.
60.000 peoples benefited directly or indirectly

The center “ECO-METRŇPOLI”: new landmark in environmental education in Santa Coloma

The center "ECO-METROPOLI": new landmark in environmental education in Santa Coloma
The New Interpretation Centre for Environment "Eco Metrópoli" will be a landmark in environmental education activities in the city and also in the knowledge of the Sierra Marina park.
It will be located in Montserrat Pavelló the compound of the Torribera and will host a permanent exhibition on Sustainability and metropolis, workshops and training, documentation, conferences and exhibitions.