Energy efficiency and renewable energies

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  • Eficiència energètica

The requirements for a sustainable energy model

Energy is the engine of most activities we do every day. Current energy consumption (electricity, heating, transportation, etc.) is the source of supply non-renewable energies such as oil and its derivatives; nuclear energy, which is the main source of electricity supply in Catalunya.

The misuse and not efficient these non-renewable energy sources, we do not match the goal of sustainable development in our city. This model carries energy associated environmental impacts both locally and globally, generating more pollutants, reducing the reserves of these energy sources and helping to accelerate global warming with the greenhouse effect.

To curb the current situation we need to implement measures to encourage saving, energy efficiency and promoting renewable energy.

Santa Coloma is working on these routes through awareness campaigns on energy saving, incorporating measures to increase energy efficiency and making for the implementation of facilities harnessing solar energy to produce as much hot water as electricity.

With this model more sustainable, Santa Coloma also backs the fight against climate change and in favour of the Kyoto Protocol. Here is the city since its founding member of the Network of Cities for Climate Protection.

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